The Music of Wrestling Weekly

Jake Kinnun is the musician who created the Wrestling Weekly theme song which was used for the later shows as well as some of the music used when coming back from commerical breaks. Jake kindly contacted me about putting some of his original music tracks used on Wrestling Weekly on The Archive, and I welcomed his offer.

So, here they are. Never heard before in their entirety, I give to you the music of Wrestling Weekly! Thanks to Jake for letting me put these up (the song titles and notes are his).

Wrestling Weekly Theme

Notes: Here is the original wrestling weekly theme used. It doesn't have the vocal parts Doc added.

Wrestling Weekly Theme Remix ("Never Forgotten")

Notes: Here is a remix theme I did of the wrestling weekly one, mostly trying to improve the quality. It was never used on the show though as doc came down with the unfortunate illness.

Break Theme 1 - "The Doctor is In"

Break Theme 2 - "Rolly Pollies"

Break Theme 3 - "Just in Case"

Break Theme 4 - "Thatched Roof"

*** UPDATE 2013-02-19 ***

"Calling Doctor Love" Theme Music (Kiss)

Notes: This is the theme music for the uploaded Doc Young character on WWE 13, which I'm sure we ALL want to play as, AMIRITE?? WELL, AM I? (courtesy of Doc Young)